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Ruddington cat Wilbur took time out to answer questions about his life – and loves

by | 10 Jul 2019

Job? Cat, social media star, fund-raiser; some call me king of Ruddington.

How did you get to your current position? I walked, slowly, tail up, with amazing grace and poise. As I always do.

Who or what is important to you? The quality of the food offered to me. And a comfy place for daytime sleeping.

What challenges do you face? Dealing with fussy dogs who want to say hello, or worse. Devising ways of getting rid of this collar. Working out the human seven-day week so I know when the shops are shut.

Passions in life? The smell of the early morning in Ruddington. And catalytic convertors, they sound fun.

Most prized possession? The undying love of my followers, especially in Ruddington

What do you wish for? That my owner Cathy understands why I walked out that day and started to roam. Oh, and that going to the vets was less traumatic.

What are you afraid of? No one or nothing. I once got locked in the florists over a weekend. Once you have lived among all that foliage, you know no fear.

Special skills? Endless patience with humans. And have you seen me stop the traffic during the rush hour to get across the road?

Favourite place? Hidden corners and back alleys of Ruddington that no one knows about, avoiding my village’s ancient wells obviously.

Wine or beer? Water please.

What did you get for your birthday? See ‘prized possession’ question above. And my generous subjects raised money for a life-saving defibrillator.